Schools & colleges

The Trikke has limitless possibilities for schools and colleges, for both sports programmes and administrators.

Around the world, the human power Trikke has been introduced to physical education programmes to provide fun and satisfying challenges for students of all skill levels. They've recognised that when you have fun on your side, the battle's already half over. If you don't, it’s going to be tough going for a lot of students.

As well as providing recreational fitness, the Trikke can be used to provide competition through speed trials and races. However your school or college adopt the Trikke in their programme, all kids can enjoy the benefits of an activity that promotes their physical and emotional health and fitness for life.

Where your school or college operate over a large area, the Trikke uPT can really come into its own. Administrators and domestic staff can become more efficient and effective by using the electrically-powered vehicles to get around the site.


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